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Intentional creativity is a process of using creativity as a tool for healing, growth, and transformation. It involves setting an intention to create something that reflects one’s inner experience, and then using art-making techniques to bring that intention to life.

Through intentional creativity, the act of creating becomes magical and mystical as it allows individuals to tap into their subconscious and express themselves in a way that transcends language. This can lead to a transformational experience where individuals feel a sense of release, understanding, and connection to themselves and others.

By engaging in intentional creativity, individuals learn to tame their inner critic and cultivate compassion for themselves, as they become more accepting of their unique expression. This leads to a generous heart, as individuals become more comfortable with sharing their creations with others, ultimately leading to a sense of freedom to express themselves fully.

In summary, intentional creativity is a powerful tool for healing that can bring joy, acceptance, and transformation to individuals by taming their inner critic, cultivating self-compassion, and ultimately leading to a more generous and expressive heart.

Bobbie Jonas

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Transformational Healing Through Creativity

Person of Value Mystery School Program

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Creativity Programs for Healing, Transformation & Fun

Creativity Programs for Healing, Transformation & Fun

My creativity programs are designed to take you on a mystical and magical journey. They invite you to play, delight, laugh, and celebrate your innermost thoughts and feelings. Through mixed media art and intentional creativity, you will ignite your heart with brushstrokes of fortune, unlocking new insights and perspectives along the way.

These programs are not just journeys in self-discovery, but also celebrations of life and all its mysteries. By embracing your inner child and tapping into your innate creativity, you will discover a world of wonder and magic that has been waiting for you all along.

The HeARTful Adventures program guides you through a series of exercises and prompts that will help you explore your inner world and gain deeper insight into your personal growth. You will be encouraged to play and experiment with different materials, colors and textures, letting go of your inner critic and embracing your childlike sense of wonder and curiosity.

The Person of Value Mystery School Program is a 9-month course that delves into the concepts of personal growth, self-discovery, and identity. The program is split into 3 quarters, each lasting 3 months, with a 2-week break in between to allow for integration.

And Your Magical Mind, Shift Your World program goes into learning the science of Metaphysics, which will amplify your experiences in all aspects of your life. You will leave the course knowing how to powerfully chart your own journey, being the director of your own choices. Some students have taken this course over a year, and many have continued to 2 years.

Through transformational conversations, you will connect with others, or one to one, in a safe and nurturing environment, creating an atmosphere of trust, empathy, and compassion that is essential for meaningful personal growth. And through intentional creativity, you will set intentions to create a unique and meaningful document of your life’s journey, celebrating all the joys, challenges, and mysteries along the way.

No artistic experience is required for my creative programs! Creativity begins in the mind, allowing inspiration to flow from the cosmic world through your fingers and onto the page.

Explore “Person of Value” Program

The School of You!

Creating a Person of Value Book is the ultimate “school of you.” Who are you? Do you recognize what you see in the mirror? Do you like what you see, or do you want to make a change? Explore yourself…

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HeARTful Adventures

No Experience Required!

Individual & Group Classes

For Kids and Adults

HeARTful Adventures Creation

Many clients have found that the HeARTful Adventures program is a powerful tool for addressing a health issue, navigating a next step in their lives, or even setting up a daily practice of staying in touch with the day. The program has been used to support personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual development.

Opportunities to explore your talents and creative juices. This creative tool is ideal to:

  • Celebrate life’s milestones, such as engagements, weddings, births, and recordings of their loved animals’ growing years
  • Support end-of-life transitions, helping individuals to honor their journey and leave a meaningful legacy for their loved ones
  • Navigate a challenging health issue, celebrate a joyous life event, or simply look to connect with your inner self




What My Clients Say

…She invited me into a program she then called Your Magical Mind. Thus began a couple years of deep work and exploration that rewired my mind and replaced anxiety with playfulness, creativity, and pure magic. As a result of my work with Bobbie, fear and doubt are manageable and no longer get in the way of living an authentic life.

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As a scholar and practitioner of all things creative, transformative, and healing, as well as mystical, I find myself passionate about sharing my insights with others.