Corporate Energy Frequency Program

a Powerful Practice that Brings Grounding & Clearing to Your Team

Get Your Team on the Same Energy Wave

Who Should Attend

5-Star Resorts


Fortune 500 Companies

“B” Corporations

Technology Leaders

C-Suite Executives

Are your team members brilliant but focused in different directions? Do you ever find yourself wishing they were better attuned to one another’s needs? This program introduces the practice of energy frequency alignment, giving them the training and tools to become a cohesive, dynamic team.

What It Is

Energy Frequency Alignment is a powerful practice that brings grounding and clearing to your team, helping everyone get on the same wavelength. I will guide your team through a session at the beginning of your meeting, designed to align their energy, foster collaboration and innovation, and align your organization’s goals with your team’s actions.

How Your Company Benefits

By starting your meetings with an Energy Frequency Alignment session, you can set the stage for productive, focused work. This practice can help reduce misunderstandings and increase communication, allowing your team to work together more cohesively toward the same goals. And when it’s time to wrap up your meeting, I will lead your team through a closing Energy Frequency Alignment session that will anchor your accomplishments and leave everyone feeling clear, energized, and focused.

The benefits of Energy Frequency Alignment are numerous, from increased productivity and job satisfaction to greater creativity and innovation.

Energy Frequency Alignment

Results from Energy Frequency Alignment Training


Greater Creativity & Innovation

Higher Focus & Clarity

Greater Job Satisfaction & Retention

Reduced Employee Stress & Conflict

Improved Communications

Reduced Mis-Understandings

My services are perfect for corporate teams who want to achieve new levels of success and work from a place of focus and clarity. One of the many benefits of Energy Frequency Alignment is that it can unleash creativity in team members. When everyone is on the same wavelength, it’s easier to generate fresh ideas, brainstorm, and think outside the box.

By fostering a heart-centered, generous, and feeling atmosphere, team members can tap into their intuition and come up with creative solutions to complex problems. So not only can Energy Frequency Alignment improve productivity and communication, but it can also help your team unlock their full potential and generate innovative ideas that drive your organization forward.

Whether you’re at a 5-star resort or a start-up company, I can customize my services to meet your unique needs and goals. With a personalized approach, I’ll guide your team through the practice and help them tap into their highest potential.

Contact me today to learn more about how Energy Frequency Alignment can help your team achieve greater focus, clarity, and alignment, and reach new levels of success in the corporate world. I look forward to hearing from you!

What My Clients Say

…You helped to create magical moments for our family during this rough time. You built trust with my husband and kids so that they were open to hear you and in turn, I was heard. This is a huge gift you have Bobbie. People have a huge need to learn to ground and and get grounding guidance…and know it is even possible to shift and clear- Easily…

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