Bodywork Healing Programs

‘Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.’ James Joyce

This statement above speaks to the phenomena of our culture, which has us living separated from our bodies. We live in a self- imposed denial that I am as I used to be, not as I am, or becoming. As we age this separation tends to increase as we dislike how our bodies look and our self judgement rises to match our self-doubt. As our bodies begin to fail us, we trust them even less until we no longer truly live in them.

My Healing & Treatment Room

Modality Options

Therapeutic Reflexology

Medical Massage & Osteopathic Bodywork

Neuro-Muscular Massage to relieve chronic pain

Lymphatic Massage & Circulatory Massage

Massage for Cancer and chronic illness

Deep Tissue Bodywork, Esalen style with Cupping

Cupping Massage to release Trauma

Fascia Release to relieve pain in the tissues

Gentle Touch Massage combined with Trager Bodywork

Bio-Dynamic Cranial Touch to facilitate deep relaxation

…and many more modalities

Bodywork Healing Benefits

There are many benefits to various bodywork modalities. I work with you to determine which modality (or modalities) may benefit you the most:

  • Release trauma in the muscular system allowing for more flow between the fascia and the muscles, ligaments & tendons.
  • Gain deep relaxation, increased physical mobility and mental clarity.
  • As we age, this separation tends to increase as we dislike how our bodies look and our self judgement rises to match our self-doubt.
  • Create a safe space in your human nervous system so it will go back to its natural homeostatic state.
  • De-stress and transform!

Here are some examples of how different modalities benefit the body:

  • Neuro-muscular – Focuses on areas of muscle spasm to relieve chronic pain
  • Lymphatic Massage – For cancer and chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Fascia Release – A technique that focuses on relieving pain in the tissues. The myofascial tissue is the thick connective tissues that support your muscles
  • Circulatory Massage -Increase of circulation, enhancing proper flow of blood through the entire body, providing relaxation to the muscles. Using 5 different strokes: smooth long strokes, kneading strokes, rhythmic tapping strokes, deep circulatory strokes and a vibration stroke.
  • Bio-Dynamic Cranial Touch – Designed to allow the body to return to its’ natural homeostatic state. A very soft and gentle treatment.

Bodywork Sessions

Add on, & start your session with 30 minutes of Intentional energy grounding, clearing & cellular renewal & rejuvenation.

Allow yourself the gift of feeling connected to your heart and breath as you claim your wellness preferences.

Mind / Body / Spiritual mentoring and wellness advocacy.

Sessions are available for 60 minutes, 90minutes, 2 hours, single or multi-day retreats.

All of my sessions come from heart centered, intentional professional intuitive & healing touch.

What My Clients Say

When I first started coming to you, I was recovering from both a major surgery and cancer treatments, and had a significant amount of physical and emotional trauma. I feel fortunate to have found you, as you have become an essential part of my healing team. You are an exceptional Bodyworker & Healer with so many talents that you share gracefully with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant emotional, physical and spiritual support/guidance.

Body Transformed

Bobbie Jonas

About Me

Through the years I studied, got certified and graduated in many different disciplines and modalities of transformative healing works and have all kinds of labels after my name…