Bobbie Jonas

Quantum Global Energy Healing
Intentional Mixed Media Teacher/ Artist
Advanced Transformational Bodywork

Bobbie Jonas

Quantum Global Energy Healing

Intentional Mixed Media Teacher/ Artist

Advanced Transformational Bodywork

Bobbie Jonas


My name is Bobbie, and I’m thrilled to have you here!

I grew up in London, England, where I developed a unique perspective on the world around me. However, I knew there was more to explore beyond the British perspective, so I set out to travel and live in different places.

Along the way, I’ve undergone a transformative journey, always striving to expand my knowledge and experiences.

As a scholar and practitioner of all things creative, transformative, and healing, as well as mystical, I find myself passionate about sharing my insights with others.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, and I hope you find it enjoyable and enlightening.
I look forward to meeting you.

With love, Bobbie

Being Different…


As a child, I was viewed as seriously quiet and off on my own. I stuttered very badly, so it was easy for me to be happy, left alone whispering to the images that no one else saw. And they became my friends.

I liked thinking, writing, reading, and being with invisible images of light. I enjoyed libraries. I would sit on the floor with tons of books around me. Much of the time I liked touching them the most, for they conveyed their wisdom energetically. Traveling around after dark, leaving my body, was so much more fun than sleep or school. Dreaming all kinds of adventures showed up later in my life when I left England and started learning how to live in the other world, the world that most call the “real world.”

I became silly, mischievous, smart, fun and full of creative ideas. I felt free.

Being a Healer…

The Healing Path

I became a scholar of many healing modalities. The biggest one of all, would be Love. Learning to love the self unconditionally, being present, grounded and clear. Looking back, I was probably healing myself and my heart. Are you saying, “Me too”?

It seems like we are always traveling the path of healing and always teaching what we need to learn and have learned. It continues, at least for me that way.

Healing comes in many forms and that is how the website got its name “Portals to Healing.”

Healing comes in so many different ways. The word itself suggests perhaps a miracle.

Throughout my career I have wrestled with the word “Healer.”  It seems so pompous and egoic, yet I myself have had experiences where I have felt the healing and also, imagined that I was activating the healing.  It can be quite a quandary.

For me, it’s all about Intention, Attention and Heart.

My clients and friends like to refer to me as a healer, and through the years I have accepted that term, yet today I would say, that’s not the whole truth.

I believe that people heal themselves and us Lightworkers are invited to assist with the journey of self-healing offering inspiration and a way to ignite the creative juices to flow.

Well, that leaves me with the question of: “how do I refer to myself, what title can I authentically give my name to, and how will it be received?”

After all, we all want a professional label.

Through the years I studied, got certified and graduated in many different disciplines and modalities of transformative healing works and have all kinds of labels after my name.

Today, with much wisdom in my heart, I see myself as a Lantern Bearer.  Someone who shines a light to show the way.

  • A storyteller, someone who creates magic with words and writes with mystical feeling and vision.
  • An artist who likes to play with all kinds of mixed media that allows for transformation and fun through soul pages and soul book.
  • A holistic practitioner using a medicine basket of rejuvenating tools to relax and inspire the mind, the body, and the spirit.
  • A Medical/Osteopathic bodyworker who loves to intentionally and intuitively touch your soul/mind and body offering compassion, humour, and a way to feel so much better.
  • A Metaphysical junkie and Energy Frequency Alchemist.
  • A teacher, a spiritual counselor, a Minister of her walking prayer.
  • An advocate for Intentional practices creating playful and joyous way of being with genuine authenticity.

I once had a teacher who used the term: “Love is the way, truth is the path, fun is the goal.”  I like that!

I think I am going to refer to myself as Bobbie Jonas, your guide to all things mystical, magical and amazing!

With joy in my heart and enthusiasm for meeting you soon,


Love in action

Sonoma, California

Molly and Bobbie

Me & Molly

Settled at Home

My adventures have been many and continue to be so, yet the Gypsy in me has now settled in Sonoma, California, with my sweet Havanese puppy girl, Molly.

My Private Practice, off the Plaza in downtown Sonoma, offers in person consultations, transformative teaching, energy healings, Bodywork/Medical & Osteopathic Massage and more, mixed media art classes—all designed for transformation, more awareness, more love & of course, more fun.

When I’m not doing my in-person work, I am communicating remotely around the World with clients, as well as playing with Molly and friends.

As you can see, I am passionate about my works, and totally in service to high quality relationships that want to raise their vibration and feel nourished with the way they thrive.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Love always,

What My Clients Say

…Witnessing the changes is impressive. I’m in movement, energized, expanded, seeing life’s possibilities, and eager for each day…Having tried other therapies, I know my work with Bobbie is profound, life-changing, healing, fun, and for life.

Heart Energized